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1) Online registration

2) Support and assistance from the Secretariat

3) Moderators & speakers

4) Videos and content displayed during the event

5) Slido as an interactive tool

6) Social media activity

7) Venue

8) Signage

9) Transfers in bus from/to airport/city center/project visits

10) Catering

11) Exhibitions in Fontan and Museo buildings

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On 25 and 26 October:

1. Welcome address

2. Plenary session 2021-2027 key implementation

3. Parallel workshops
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5. Visit of the cathedral (if applicable/optional)

6. Concert by Interreg band and walking dinner at Hotel Monumento San Francisco (if applicable/optional)

7. Opening by the European Commissioner, Spanish Minister and President of Xunta de Galicia

8. Post 27 reflection

9. Project Slam

10. Networking meetings (if applicable/optional)
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On 27 October

1. Camino (if applicable/optional)

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