About the conference

DG REGIO invites all the cooperation programmes to this year’s edition of our Interreg Annual Event, which takes place from 25 to 27 October. At the invitation of the Spanish Presidency of the Council, we will hold our meeting in Santiago de Compostela, Xunta de Galicia.

The event, to be attended by Commissioner Ferreira, will offer a mix of opportunities to meet and discuss important topics for the current programmes and – already – for what will come next in the next financial perspectives. We have also planned some time for programmes to network among themselves, and exchange freely with colleagues from DG REGIO and Interact. The full programme is available on this website.

As has now become standard practice, Interact will present their project slam, which, in this European Year of Skills, will focus on how cooperation can contribute to developing new skills, in particular for young people.

Finally, at the initiative of our colleagues in Interact, we will close the event on Friday 27 October with a great opportunity to share a unique experience and walk part of the St James’ Way together.

As always, we expect all programmes to be represented – 4 representatives maximum per programme. The event will not be available on-line, as we are all very keen to reconnect in presence.